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Alcohol Guest Consumption Calculator for your Wedding

Alcohol Guest Consumption Calculator for your Wedding

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Hiring Wedding Bartenders and Servers  YES

Wine & Spirits - Special Occasion License, Do I Need This? YES

How much alchohol do you need to order for your wedding and how much do you need per guest?  It’s okay if you over order then you can always bring it back to the liquor store for a refund…be sure to keep your receipt. Running out at your wedding event, isn’t cool and makes you and the bartender stressed out. Make sure to provide ample food (fruit, sweets etc) throughout your wedding reception as this helps alcohol metabolism.

You know your wedding guests, so this alcohol calulation is just that. Work from this and make your adjustments. FYI- Wedding Guests also drink less at lunch weddings, weekday or Sunday weddings.

Alcohol Calculations

1. Calculate how many people will be drinking at the wedding. You may have a 100 guests however 20 of them don't drink.
2. Multiply this number by the number of hours your bar is open. Example 4 hours. 1 guest will drink 1 per hour. If you have 80 Guests then multiply this by 4= 320, this tells you the maximum number of standard drinks you need.
3. Convert this number of standard drinks into cases of beer, bottles of spirits and wine.

One bottle (approximately 750 ml) is approximately six four-ounce servings. Determine the percentage of your guests that are mostly Red Wine or White wine drinkers and buy accordingly. If you need to buy 30 Bottles and only 30% like Red Wine then buy 9 bottles of Red and 21 Bottles of White. 

Generally, one case of 12 beers (341 ml size) will serve approximately four to 5 people, averaging 2-3 beers per guest. It is best to overbuy as some guests can average 5-6 beers.

Spirits: One bottle (approximately 750 ml) provides approximately 20 to 24 drinks. You should have Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Tequila. Again you know your guests the best and purchase accordingly.

Mixers and Garnishes: Coke, Pepsi, 7up, Tonic water, Club Soda, Orange and Cranberry juice, lemons, limes etc. With those, it’s OK to overbuy as you can take them home after. 


Most importantly make sure you have prepared for everyone to get a safe ride home. Stop serving alcoholic beverages at least an hour before reception is over. Book ahead with taxi companies, Busing companies etc... get relatives to volunteer to drive or stay at a nearby hotel.

Provided by Canada's Wedding Planning resource.

Other Helpful Tips

Hiring Wedding Bartenders and Servers  YES

Wine & Spirits - Special Occasion License, Do I Need This? YES

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