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Quality not Quantity - Tips to enjoy your wedding day

All of us strive to get the most out special events in our life. Vacations, graduations, anniversaries, all these times are pivotal dates in our life and create memories that stick with us forever. Possibly the most memorable of these will be our wedding day. When we look back on this day of our life, what memories do we desire? What are some things that can help us create a day to remember  fondly, regardless of the weather, unforeseen problems, or near disasters?

For those of us who attend as many as 50 weddings a season, we see many common mistakes and complications that tend to drag a weddings spirit down and make the time less stress-free. There are also many attitudes and planning preparations that lend to the overall joyfulness of the event and make it truly a celebration of two peoples love for each other.

In my opinion, the first thing a couple needs to do is define what there celebration is about. This can be different for everyone, but take it from an experienced wedding goer, the best weddings are not those that focus on, not the event itself, but on the people that attend. It’s not just the two on the alter that this occasion is for, that is unless your planning on a man in a rhinestone suit marrying you under a Viva Las Vegas banner. This occasion is a celebration of two families becoming one. It’s a celebration of all the different and unique personalities coming together to celebrate love between the bride and groom and also the families themselves. So what can be done to ensure this occasion lets this feeling of love and acceptance flourish?

The foremost thing I have noticed has to do with the amount of events planned for the day. Almost always, the most relaxed and enjoyable weddings are those that don’t complicate the occasion with an unrealistic schedule and allow a reasonable time for each event planned. Driving time, time for breakfast, time getting ready, all these “times” do not have to be looked upon as inconveniences between the real events. These things are the event. These are times when family can mingle, tell stories, and joke around. These will be the things remembered. And if enough time is allotted to make these situations stress-free, they will make up a wonderful day.

Make sure enough time is given to the most important parts of the occasion. Give family time to mingle and enjoy the richness of the wedding ceremony. Give the photographer plenty of time to have a relaxed and enjoyable shoot. Photography is a very important part of the occasion, and if enough time is given, this can be a very enjoyable time where the wedding party can have some fun, and get comfortable with each other. This extra time is well worth it! It will come across in the photo’s and lend to a more relaxed and enjoyable reception. Give family time to express themselves in speeches. Don’t be rushed in the receiving line. Give time for people.

Article Provided by Rochelle Westgarde Photography - Rochelle is a Photographer out of the Vernon B.C area. Serving the Thompson Okanagan Valley. At Rochelle Westgarde Photography, we strive to tell your story, capturing all the emotions and special moments that makes your Wedding day uniquely yours! Visit her today at

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